Thermae Romae Manga to End in March

Thermae Romae time-travelling historical manga by Mari Yamazaki is ending on March 12, 2013. This was announced in Enterbrain’s Monthly Comic Beam Magazine on Tuesday.  The manga inspired an anime TV series (short) and two live-action movies, the second of which was announced last month.

The original manga began in 2008 and currently there are five volumes released on the market. The story of Thermae Romae centres on a great Roman architect that is famed for his work on public baths. His research for innovation and his love for the art he practices lead him into an unknown place. This happened when one day he is bathing in Ancient Rome and at resurfacing from the water, he finds himself surrounded by Japanese men from Tokyo… people from the 21st century.

Combining the architectural genius of Lucius and the great achievements in current-day Japan, a country which also enjoys their public baths and takes pride in them, Thermae Romae depicts the funny and the bright scenes of the ROman citizen’s life and work.

Source:  MNJ
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5 thoughts on “Thermae Romae Manga to End in March

    1. People like you never seize to amuse me… What’s the point in buying AFTER it’s already off the market? How do you help statistics and the manga itself to remain published?!

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