Kinyoku no Garuda ~Nanto Goshasei Zenshi~ Manga Announced

Kinyoku no Garuda ~Nanto Goshasei Zenshi~ will be the new Fist of the North Star (Hakuto no Ken) manga spinoff series that mangaka Yoshiji Yamaguchi (author of Exsamurai Sengoku) will start in the April issue of Comic Zenon magazine (published by Tokuma Shoten). Chapter one will be release don February 10 and the story will come in a monthly format.

Yamaguchi-sensei’s story will revolve around a new character named Garuda and his Nanto Shintori Ken fighting style. Throughout the series, Garuda will have to fight with the five members of the Nanto Goshasei Style and eventually try to win in this battle of schools. He will also attempt to attract the attention of and impress Rihaku. Garuda will also be the helper when it comes to the reunion of Kenshirou and Yuria as their paths are intercepted by many.

His name comes from the bird-creature popular as a character in many Hindu and Buddhist myths.

The series will be a commemoration of the original manga Fist of the North Star (hakuto no Ken) as its 30th anniversary is around the corner. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the classic series by Buronson and Tetsuo Hara, the manga ran in Weekly Shounen Jump from 1983 and finishe din 1988. It lasted for 245 chapters separated into 27 volumes

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6 thoughts on “Kinyoku no Garuda ~Nanto Goshasei Zenshi~ Manga Announced

  1. Hakuto no Ken reminds me of the good old days, when manga and anime used to be epic. Hope this new side story will be good.

    1. You have some point there, even though I enjoy my fair share of ecchi :D However, I will be looking forward to this new story.

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