TV Anime for Ou-sama Stories Announced

The classic Japanese fairy tail book series “Ou-sama” will be adapted into a TV anime series that will air on the Japanese satellite channel BS11. Episode one of the show will air on 6th April, 2013. The anime will be entitled “Boku wa Ou-sama” after one of the books. It won the 15th Mainichi Shuppan Bunka-Sho award.

The Ou-sama books tell various stories and events that happen to a gluttonous, egocentric and quite lazy monarch who has one love in the world – eggs. There is a total of 50 books in the series with the first one (Zou no Tamago no Tamagoyaki) published in 1959. Author Teruo Teramura and artist Shizuko Wakayama’s creations will be animated by

Source: Mantan web

Images: (C)Shizuko Wakayama

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5 thoughts on “TV Anime for Ou-sama Stories Announced

    1. Hmmm…legend-wise, I only know of kuro-tamago that according to the story is a black-shelled egg that can extend your life by 7 years…Otherwise, it’s all anime and manga. Interesting indeed. :)

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