Ghost in the Shell: Arise Event to Be Streamed Online in English

GITSThe latest instalment of the Ghost in the Shell franchise entitled “Ghost in the Shell: Arise” is going to be announced officially and in detail during a special event that will be held in Tokyo on February 12, 2013 at 9:00pm local time. As many questions have risen so had also the interest in the title. What will be revealed is still a secret, but there is definitely a huge crowd that is interested.

During the event we will be able to see the full promotional videos for the project as well as listen to what some of the most important people for the show have to say to us about the whole process of creating and finalising the upcoming anime.

The event will be an hour long and will be streamed online by Bandai Visual with additional English audio that will be provided by a group of highly professional interpreters that will translate the news on-the-spot and as they happen. Another such event will be held 2 days later in Taiwan during the Taipei International Comic and Anime Festival.

The new instalment was announced in the middle of last month and since then it’s sprung almost too many rumours.

Source: Bandai Channel(official YouTube channel for GITS)

The channel is offering Ghost in the Shell: SAC episodes for free as a way to promote the upcoming anime. These items are not available for every IP adress, though. There are some country-based limitations.

6 thoughts on “Ghost in the Shell: Arise Event to Be Streamed Online in English

  1. This is a good idea. As the event is going to be streamed in English, I hope this will be available for a wide range of countries.

  2. The idea of a new Ghost in the Shell instalment is getting more and more real… This is really something I look forward to.

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