Full Colour Dragon Ball Manga Covers Revealed

dragon ball colouredThe coloured remake of he Dragon Ball manga by Akira Toriyama will be covering the Saiyan Sage starting today! Yes, Shueisha’s Weeky Shounen Jump is releasing the newly dyed story after a long time of planning and work. The first three colorued covers have been shared with.

Of course, Dragon Ball is one of the most influential and remarkable stories that have entered the otaku world.It is without a doubt the reason for many of you to love anime, manga and Japanese entertainment as a whole. The story of otherworldly beings that have immense powers is also one of the first of the genre to appear on the market. Toriyama-sensei began publishing it more than 30 years ago!

On April 4, 2013 we will also get the chance to buy the full-colour Frieza Saga. It will be available in Japan starting this date.

VizMedia’s digital edition of weekly SJ will also begin releasing the new pages.

Images: (c) Shueisha and Toriyama-sensei

Source: CN  
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6 thoughts on “Full Colour Dragon Ball Manga Covers Revealed

  1. Actually this is the first anime I’ve seen…thought it was weird. However, as I am an anime fan now, I think it was weird in a nice way :D

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