Hanasaku Iroha: Home Sweet Home’s Full Trailer Streamed (Video)

hanasaku irohaHanasaku Iroha: Home Sweet Home is a sequel story to the TV anime series from 2011. The movie will air on March 9, 2013. It is a project by P.A. Works and director Masahiro Ando, famous for his work on the series from two years ago, Canaan, Sword of the Stranger and Wolf’s Rain among other titles.

The full 68-second-long trailer can be viewed below!

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The story of Hanasaku Iroha’s original manga by P.A. Works revolves around a teenage girl named Ohana Matsumae and her life after moving to live in the Hotspring Inn that her grandmother owns and runs. The change in her life is due to her mother leaving her for a new lover, but this is not really a problem for the young Ohana. She can make everything into a pleasant adventure if she gets the chance and even her stern and organised grandmother can’t change this.

As Ohana works at the Inn so that she pays off the care she receives by it in the form of bedding, roof over her head and other commodities, she finds out that work is not always a bad thing and it can be fun and exiting as well, depending on the weather and, of course, the company. Dramatic as one’s life might be, there is always a ray of light that can brighten someone’s day…

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