Thermae Romae II – Live Action Sequel Announced

thermae romaeA second Thermae Romae full motion picture has been announced! The movie will be related to the first one as it will be a chronological follow-up. The original manga series by Mari Yamazaki has already been adapted into a flash TV anime series as well. The movie will premiere next year (2014). We have been promised a return by all main cast members as well!

The first instalment of the movie adaptations of the manga came out on April 28, 2012 and was a huge success with as much as $74,091,903 in the box office just a month later. The information on when exactly the sequel will make its first appearance is still vague, but since the date has been set for some time during the 2014 Japanese Golden Week, we have at least some general idea. 29th April to 5th May.

The plot of the manga, on which the movie will be based, revolves around the weird adventures of a Roman (as in Ancient Rome) architect who somehow manages to find a link through time and space and pays often visits to a modern-day Japanese public bath.

Of course, lead actor Hiroshi Abe returns to the cast and his role in the movie and so do ‘Ancient Romans’ Kai Shishido, Kazuki Kitamura and Masachika Ichimura. Three key current-day Japanese citizens Riki Takeuchi, Aya Ueto and Takashi Sasano are also getting back on the cast list.

Another member of the first movie’s team is also getting back his role – director Hideki Takeuchi.

An interesting fact is that the movie is shooting in Bulgaria this year and not in Italy or somewhere else in Western Europe. This is the first time a Japanese movie uses the Bulgarian country as a source of historical setting, although history is exactly the specialty of this Eastern European country.

Source:  Sanspo

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  1. Well…it’s normal to seek for a cheaper shooting location. From what I know, there is a lot of nature in Eastern countries…

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