New Sketches by Fairy Tail’s Hiro Mashima

gajeel hiro mashimaCertainly, all of the admirers of Fairy Tail love to be able to enjoy some additional images from the original creator of the story. As it is, Mashima-sensei is one of those good-natured people that love to share their work with the fans! This is probably why, especially during the last few weeks, the mangaka has shard multiple original images, sketches and drawings of his most famous characters (and not only). See some of the pictures below!

If you’ve fallen for the Fairy Tail Holiday illustration that came out around the New Year, you will most definitely find at least some of the following images captvating! And to think that this Japanese creator draws these just for the sake of it!

Just keep in mind to click them all!

gildarts hiro mashimaerza hiro mashimalucy hiro mashimalisanna hiro mashima

levi hiro mashimahappy hiro mahsimagray juvia hiro mashimalucy virgo hiro mashima

On the mangaka’ profile on twitter you can also find curious illustrations of the Fairy Tail founder and more of Lucy, Erza and other main characters.

Images: (c) Hiro Mashima – and let me remind you the all of them are clickable :)

Source: Twitter

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

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    1. If your listening to this comment HIRO MASHIMA ONE DAY IM GOING TO SURPASS YOU ONE DAY SO YOUR GOING TO BE MY RIVAL and I hope I get to see you one day my name is towona from Canada and I love to draw one day I wanna be just like you

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