Kingdom Anime’s Sequel to Run from June

kingdom animeJapanese TV broadcaster NHK has announced the premiere of Kingdom anime’s sequel season. After the first series will end in February with episode 38, the second one will begin in June. The show will be shown on BS Premium Channel in Japan on Saturdays at 23:45 local time.

Yasuhisa Hara’s original manga runs in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine since 2006 and has already had 28 volumes published (with the 29th coming to stores in February).

The story is set in China, during the local Warring States Period. The main characters are the young emperor and a common boy who looks almost exactly like him. Don’t think of Prince and the Pauper, but rather the typical imperial doubles as time and space change the position of the young commoner and let him have a taste of the great life i the palace… or at least the Emperor’s responsibilities.

Source: SAJ

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12 thoughts on “Kingdom Anime’s Sequel to Run from June

  1. I watched both 1st and 2nd Season and I read the whole manga afterwards I fucking love this Anime and Manga, and The Manga is way ahead and with added smallscenes and bloody and gory.

  2. This anime is my favorite war anime of all times.It gives excitement..I really like animes with the protagonist being weak at the start but becomes stronger than anyone else at the end..The animation is not good enough but that did not lessen the greatness of this anime i hope this anime have season 3 so that i can expect more excitement…Thank very much for this anime…I hope you can continue to create anime similar to Kingdom’s plot…I looking forward for the next anime that you create..Again thank for your efforts…
    From: JB D Milambiling

  3. it is so great… i mean this anime has given more than just trill and action it gives adrenaline rush when watching this anime.. long live KINGDOM ANIME and STAFF….

  4. Best anime according to me of 2012 and 2013 tied with Sword Art Online.
    This anime is so special it knows how to build up the hype of intense fighting and makes u want to fight yourself, armies charging eachother, generals facing eachother, I haven’t seen any other anime like this, so intense and feeling of battlefield is indescribable.

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