Black Lagoon Manga Returned to Sunday GX

black lagoon returns Rei Hiroe’s Black Lagoon has been on hiatus since May 2010, but is now back to print in the February issue of Sunday GX magazine which came out today. See details on the new chapter below.

The manga returns with the continuation of “The Wired Red Wild Card”. Tracking back into the story of the last character, this arc is now bringing forth new characters. The first to be introduced was the hacker Li Xinlin from the People’s Liberation Army.

Naturally, the new chapter is filled with action scenes and bad-ass females. (image on the left is clickable)

Unfortunately, the next chapter of Black Lagoon will come out in the April issue of the magazine which is being released on the market on March 19, 2013.

Images: © Shogakukan Inc. 2013

Source: CR

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8 thoughts on “Black Lagoon Manga Returned to Sunday GX

  1. Wait “I love you” does this mean this chapter is going to have Revy and Rock explode with another fight? last time I checked, Rock was going off the deep end, to the point of insanity. Maybe this is where she’ll set him straight. *Shrug*

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