Ghost in the Shell: Arise Announced

ghost in the shell ariseA new project from the Ghost in the Shell franchise has just been announced! Ghost in the Shell: Arise will be coming to us in 2013 and it will be lead by executive director Kize Kazuchika from Production I.G.

Tow Ubikata will be doing the script. His previous projects include the Mardock Scramble movies and Le chevalier d’Eon series.

The main theme song of the upcoming project will be performed by the popular Japanese artist Cornelius.

This is a big teaser since it does not give us information about what type of a project this is. It an be both series and movie. The only thing that seems certain is that it is not a Stand Alone Complex instalment.

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ghost in the shell ariseghost in the shell arise

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Source: Monthly Young Magazine

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