New Info on La Vie en Doll Manga by Btooom!’s Inoue

la vie en doll mangaLa Vie en Doll is the new title by Btooom! mangaka Junya Inoue.  Japanese publisher Shueisha was the one who took on and made the survivor manga popular and now will try to make the same with this new project by Inoue-sensei.

Shueisha’s Monthly Jump X (Kai) magazine will be publishing the story starting this spring.

Btooom! is the first bigger project where Inoue took on the creator’s role. It became a remedy for the aching hearts of some otaku, especially those who love the survival anime genre. Unpredictable, new and fresh as well as a charmer with all the usual anime items such as female attractiveness, male blushing and typical gamer slang.

What will become of the La Vie en Doll manga idea? It is already classified by some as a seinen romance story, but nothing official is announced.

Image: (C)月子/集英社

Source: Shueisha Monthly Jump X

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