Vampire Princess Miyu to Be Released Again in UK

MVM has announced that the company will be releasing the Vampire Princess Miyu anime series anew. UK distributor Manga Entertainment has already let the fans of the fantasy genre get close to this classic piece a long time ago (on VHS)  through the shorter OVA series but these versions are no longer available. The OVA episodes are being considered by MVM, but only the full series are certain to come on the shelves.

Although without a certain date, the news is more than clear: Vampire Princess Miyu will be available on the UK market in the second quarter of 2013 and will be a set of 6 discs. MVM has already release the show in the past, but never as a boxed set.

This anime revolves around the life of Miyu – a vampire noble who has been condemned to live on Earth with the mortals in the eternal body of a 15-year-old girl. She, without a relation with her current life, fights to return the dreadful Shinma that are attacking the human race and putting all Earth in peril. Will her fight succeed and will she be able to return to the dark herself? One day, maybe one day her prayers will be answered.

Source: MVM

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