Actor Takashi Taniguchi Has Passed Away

Takashi TaniguchiThe voice of One Piece’s Montblanc Cricket has died  this week. The information was officially announced through Twitter by Toshio Furukawa. Although he has played many anime roles (including also Souten Kouro’s Chéng Yù), Takashi Taniguchi will be remembered mostly for his live-action acting.

Taniguchi-san was the man behind the Japanese dubbing of many of Tommy Lee Jones’ characters as well as Christopher Lambert in the Highlander series and Tom Berenger in Platoon and Inception. He was also the man behind Toy Story’s Green Army Men Sergeant. Having voiced Supernatural’s Bobby Singer, he also played the same role in the anime adaptation of the show.

Mr. Taniguchi will definitely be missed.

Source: Twitter

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