K Anime Season 2 Announced!!!

K anime posterI have good news and bad news for everyone… K anime is nearing it’s end… that was the bad news for many of you. The good news for the same group of humans is that a sequel has been announced! The information was shown during the end credits of the 13th and last episode of K anime.

GoHands and GoRA’s original anime has been running since October 5 and became the favourite of all crowds with its moderate ecchi, aggressive fighting scenes, plenty of bishounen and a lot of school girls.

The title of the new series is still unknown, but there will be more details as soon as the production team announced them.

The story revolves around the coloured kings (Silver, Gold, Blue, Red and so on) and their fight for rule, but also existence. They are the result of a genetic mutation that has been discovered for the first time by the first and silver king  during the already long passed war.

If you’re interested in what K anime is all about – check the preview on the Shinigami List. Since the anime has ended,  will also be putting up a review of the show soon.

Source: Anime Episode

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

UPDATE: Season 2News. Sequel not to be TV anime series.

UPDATE2: Air date and title announced

UPDATE: Sequel TV anime series for K anime announced

31 thoughts on “K Anime Season 2 Announced!!!

  1. That’s good news, I’m new to this series. I really have a thing for Yata and Fushimi. I’m hoping to see the sequel film and second season.

  2. I want every character of the first season to make a great and different adventure in the season 2 of “K” but please make it fast…….we cant wait any longer for this…..

  3. So happy! I loved [K], and I cried when episode 13 ended like that. Can’t wait to see season 2! Does anyone know when it comes out?

  4. I LOVE K-ANIME!!!! i want shiro to be alive~~~~, i mean his body is still intact so maybe his soul could go back into his original body? :D LONG LIVE SHIRO! i also loved the comedy in this anime, this is truly a splendid anime and i truly look forward to season 2 :)

    1. huhhh adolf k weisman is silver king he can’t die but i wont he go back to his own body hehhe bcz i already fall in love with Isana Yashiro… i want in this season 2 they talk much about isana yashiro bcz in 1st season he isnt look like main character :D

  5. OMG! OMG! OMG! Greatest news ever! I just saw this on my phone and came to comment!!!! Love K!!!! Thanks, Shinigami-sama. :)

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