Berserk Manga to Return on December 28

Berserk – the manga by Kentarou Miura – will be returning to the pages of Young Animal magazine starting December 28’s issue. The publisher Hakusensha has announced the news more than officially. This is the returning of the manga after a ‘brief’ hiatus from October 12, when the last current chapter was published.

In fact, this is the second hiatus of 2012 as the manga had an 8-month break at an earlier stage of the year.

The 37th volume of the manga will be published on March 29, 2013 and limited edition of this printed version of the unforgettable story will have a gift – armoured figurine of the main character Guts.

Source: Manga News Japon

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7 thoughts on “Berserk Manga to Return on December 28

  1. “Berserk Manga to Return on December 28”

    And what is that comment on the last page of the new chapter of the series that just came back from hiatus? Why it says, “Til Next Time”

    … hiatus again

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