4-koma Kiniro Mosaic Manga Gets TV Anime

Yui Hara’s 4-panel manga Kiniro Mosaic (Golden Mosaic) will be animated! The information was released in the latest issue of Manga Time Kirara Max by Houbunsha. The series have been running in this media since 2010. In Japan, its second volume has been published this April by Houbunsha.

The story of Kiniro Mosaic centres on the lives of some charming teenagers. Shinobu Oumiya and her British friends in Japan. The first encounters with the British culture Shonobu experienced when she was living in the house of a UK family. After coming back from the Albion, the girl could never forget the amazing culture and tradition that she had learnt about when homestaying. Thankfully for her and some other Japanese girls, her best friend from Britain comes to Japan and the team is reunited!

There is no information on when and how the anime will be produced.

Source: IEEE 802.11

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