New Higurashi Anime in the Making!

© 2009竜騎士07/雛見沢御三家According to the official twitter account of the anime Higurashi no Naku Koro ni the show will resume! There is still not much information, but you can be certain that as long as there are still parts of the original story that haven’t been turned into and anime and if there is an audience for it, the show will go on.

The official message read: ひぐらしのなく頃に』アニメ再始動決定!

I know most of you already know how to either read or translate this, but there are also many online translators for a rough estimate in case you don’t trust my old mind.

The story of Higurashi has been talked about by many otaku all over the world. The crazy girls and the huge amounts of blood that have been spilt are just a few of the attractive elements of this anime. The thrilling mysteries that are in abundance in every new arc will hopefully once again be set in motion.

There is, however, a chance that the adaptation will be bad. Or is there one such possibility?

Source: Higurashi anime on Twitter

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