JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Battle Tendency ‘s Trailer Streamed Online

We can now preview the second part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure TV anime, which is based on the original manga by Hirohiko Araki that was published in Japan between 1987 and 1999. The Bandai Channel has released a trailer for the upcoming new season, whose story is set about half a century after the first new anime, which was launched earlier this year.

49 years after the story of Jonathan Joestar, we will meet Mr. Joseph Joestar – his grandson.We will see what endeavours this young man will encounter and if his experiences would be as interesting as the ones of his grandfather.

The protagonist, Joseph Joestar, will be played by Tomokazu Sugita. His voice is also the one of Gintama’s Sakata Gintoki and Macross Frontier’s Leon Mishima. His ally and friend is Caesar Antonio Zeppeli is to be voiced by Takuya Satou who is also the seiyuu of minor characters in Clannad and Guilty Crown.

Image: (c) Hirohiko Araki/Shueisha, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Production Committee

Source: Bandai Channel (you can view the video here if you have permission. Unfortunately, it’s not available everywhere and to every computer)

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