Sentai Filmworks to Distribute Amagami SS+ in North America

Amagami SS+ initially aired in Japan between January and March this year. It is a 13-episode-long anime series that is a sequel to the original adaptation of Enterbrain’s Amagami romance game. The anime will be released in North America digitally and only after this – on DVD for home video.

Amagami SS+ centres on the life of a high schooler and his phobias during the Christmas season and the winter holidays. Because of an incident from his past, the main character cannot feel at ease at all when December comes. This, however, must change as the current year is the last one his longtime crush Haruka Morishima will be spending at the same school. He needs to decide not only on how to invite her to a date, but also if he wishes to hang around with her or with another one of his ultra cute and pretty schoolmates.

Sentai Filmworks is also the distributor for the previous 26-episode-long anime adaptation of the Play Station 2 game from 2010.

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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