Santa Company Novel to Be Adapated into an Anime Movie

Santa Company will be a 2013 movie based on the original children novel by the same title. The script is written by Higashi no Eden’s Naohiro Fukushima. Kenji Itoso acts as a director helmer and Fractale’s Hidari’s original illustrations help the visuals at KENJI STUDIO. The movie will be coming to cinemas in winter 2013.

“Santa Company” is an original novel by Kenji Itoso, Naohiro Fukushima and Hidari. It is a children’s story about an 11-year-old girl who hates Christmas due to never being able to enjoy it since her parents’ divorce from three years ago. As she lives with her father, and he seems to be busy every December 25, she ultimately begins to despise the holiday. Once day Noel, as the girl’s name is, takes the usual solitary elevator to her home, but instead of arriving on her floor, she is suddenly in Santa Company – a huge enterprise of toy-manufacturing held and founded by Santa Claus.

The project is aided by the Finnish Prime Minister as Finland is undoubtedly the country that is most connected to the myth of Santa Claus.

Source: Official Website

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