Queen’s Blade “Vanquished Queens” Stories to Be Animated

The Vanquished Queens visual book is all about the defeats of Queen’s Blade‘s various characters. It is  collection of short stories that are accompanied by illustrations which came out in 2011. The animated scenes will be made in two volumes and they will be bundled with two new visual books that are coming to the shelves in the Spring of 2013.

The production team is including some of the masters of the genre with director Shin Itagaki (Devil May Cry, Ben-to!) and screenwriter Ryunosuke Kingetsu (Queen’s Blade: The Exiled Virgin, Samurai Girls). Character designs are made by Rin-Sin (many Queen’s Blade projects), Takayuki Noguchi (Queen’s Blade 2: the Evil Eye) and Yukiko Ishibashi (Queen’s Blade: Rebellion). Directors of animation are Shunryou Yamamura and Satoshi Isono, who both have some short-term participation in very popular shows.

Production studio ARMS is cooperating on the project, but the main role will be played by Hoods Entertainment and for GENCO.

Source: Akiba Jigoku

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