Rozen Maiden Manga Gets More Anime!

 After 2 anime TV series and a lot of fans’ pleas, the Rozen Maiden manga by Peach-pit will be getting a new anime adaptation. There is not much information on the subject, but it is certain as it was announced officially in Shueisha’s Young Jump magazine.

The first TV series ran in  2004 and was made out of 12 episodes. Another 12-episode-long season was created in 2005 and it finished in 2006. The plot centres on a number of living dolls and their owner – Jun Sakurada. The story begins when he is in his deepest state of depression and does not go outside, has no friends that he cares of whatsoever and has even stopped communicating with his mother whom he used to feel dearest. He seeks refugee in ordering items online and returning them within the grace period. However, one day he receives a package that cannot be returned and it changes his life. What are the dolls able to do with a man’s life, we have seen in the first 24 episodes. What will we see from now on – hopefully something of the same quality.

Source: 0taku

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