One Piece Film Z’s Official Trailer Streamed Online

The first official and full trailer with actual scenes from the upcoming One Piece Film Z project has been streamed by Yahoo! Movies Japan. This is a 106-minute-long movie and sets the basics for what is to come on 15 December this year. The video also presents us with a sneak-peak into the two theme songs, covers by Avril Lavigne “Bad Reputation” and “How You Remind Me”

VIDEO is available officially only through Yahoo! but is visible to everyone!

As the strongest enemy of the Mugiwaha kaizoku team is trying to put yet another hole in the ship and friendship of the Pirates, we also see some old faces. The movie is supervised by original mangaka Eiichiro Oda. He ha also personally created the villain of this film.

Everyone who goes to see the movie will also receive a special 84-page-long edition of One Piece entitled “Volume 1000” inside which visitors will also find an exclusive Treasure World card.

Source: Y! Movies

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