Saiyuki Ibun Manga Returns after Two Years and a Half on Hiatus

The original creator of Saiyuki universe and characters Kazuya Minekura had all of her works put on hiatus when in the summer of 2010 she it was discovered that she had an ameloblastoma (a benign tumor of the upper jawbone). After 28 months and a lot of good wishes from her fans, she is finally resuming her most popular running manga – Saiyuki Ibun. Plans for the restart of Wild Adapter are also made.

Saiyuki Ibun is a side story of the original Saiyuki story. It is actually a prequel which tells us the early life of famous character Koumyou, the mentor of Genjou Sanzou. In the current 30th issue of Zero-Sum Ward magazine we finally see the continuation of the story. The mangaka is also going to resume her Wild Adapter action series, but not certain date has been given.

Source: Natalie

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