Koisome Momiji Manga Ends in Weekly Shounen Jump

Another manga that will be ending in Shueisha’s weekly Shounen Jump magazine will be Tsugirou Sakamoto’s Koisome Momiji. The echhi story of a young actress and a high school student. The manga has first been published in January as a one-shot (left), but the new version has been running since May 7 this year.

The story revolves around a young actress currently shooting a movie set around the Japanese superstition that finding a maple leaf with eight points will grant you a wish of everlasting love. While she is famous and popular, she has no personal romantic experiences since she began her acting career. Work got in the way of her personal life. However, finding a last resort in one of the students at the school they’re filming her newest production, she might have just broken the bad spell on the romance in her life.

The final chapter of this ‘alternative version’ of the original one shot will come out on Monday.

Source: Manga News Japon

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