Sengoku Basara -Moonlight Party- Remix Movies’ Trailer Streamed (Video)

Cinema Today has once again brought us an exclusive look into an anime-related live-action. This time we’re meeting with the actors from the TV drama adaptation of CAPCOM’s Sengoku Basara games as they’re entering the Sengoku are once again, this time as a cast in a full-motion picture compilation of the series. The Sengoku Basara -Moonlight Party- Remix movies will be two. See the video below!

Lots of special effects and close-ups is definitely what the trailer shows us. However, will the movies be a win or a fail? It is for the fans to decide. The promo also shows that “Let’s Party” by Sandaime J Soul Brothers will be the opening theme song and that the main cast is indeed preserved. Gackt’s “Hakuro” will also be included as a main song (ED). In the drama series, Gackt played Oda Nobunaga while Sanada Yukimura was played by Kouhei Takeda. Kento Hayashi played Date Masamune.

The Sengoku Basara -Moonlight Party- Remix compilation movies will open in Tokyo’s Cine Libre Ikebukuro on November 24, 2012. In Osaka’s Theatre Umeda, they will be shown on December 15, 2012.

Source: Cinema Today

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