Rinne No Lagrange English Dub Trailer Streamed Online (Video)

VizMedia has begun boasting of the new English dub of Rinne no Lagrange (Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne as the English title goes). We see the main characters Madoka Kyouno and the alien representative Laffinty Fin E Ld Si in a typically US trailer. The scenes are definitely going to make the Neon Alley users when this anime comes live for PlayStation 3 on January. See the trailer below!

In the English cast we see names such as Kira Buckland (Ao no Exorcist’s Izumo Kamiki) who will voice Madoka-chan and Sophie Roberts (Nurarihyon no Mago’s Yura Kekain) who will take the role of Lan. Migunami will be voiced by Karen Strassman (Momo Hinamori and Soifon in Bleach).
This is not the first time the anime is streamed by VizMedia. In fact, the show aired simultaneously with its Japanese version.


Source: YouTube

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