Ao no Exorcist: The Movie Trailer Streamed (Video)

Japanese movie website Cinema Today has shared with us the latest trailer for the upcoming new adaptation of Kazue Katou’s Ao no Exorcist fantasy shounen manga. The movie is coming to theatres in Japan on December 28 2012. There are still no certainties if it would be a filler movie (even though the story has no upcoming seasons) or a canon one. You can see the trailer below!

Ao no Exorcist (the manga) has been running in Jump Square since April 2009 and has already had a TV series adaptation which brought many shounen fans to the project with its charming characters and unusual settings.

Source: Cinema Today YouTube

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(C) 加藤和恵 / 集英社・「青の祓魔師」劇場版製作委員会 2012 (C) 加藤和恵 / 集英社

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