Sengoku Basara: The Last Party Movie Streamed by Funimation (Video)

The entire Sengoku Basara: The Last Party movie can be  watched online through the official YouTube channel of Funimation Entertainment. The offer is valid only through the weekend (already running) and is a full English dub. This is a prelude to the November 6 release of  the Blu-ray Disc/ DVD combo release. You can find the video below! Enjoy and take some time to thank the company for the effort and the favour! (naturally, it is available only to US IP addresses)

The movie is the grand finale of the anime adaptation of Capcom’s original action game Sengoku Basara. The first two parts of the Warring States period of Japan sprang within the episodes of a couple of TV anime series. It first came out in Japan in June 2011 and it definitely took some time to dub and edit, but the release is finally at our thresholds. Who’s buying it?

Source: Funimaton Ent and YouTube

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