Russian Teenager Suicides over Itachi Uchiha’s Death

14-year-old Russian boy Leonid Hmelev has taken his life after discovering the death of Itachi Uchiha. Naturally, everything is blamed on the anime and parents say how “he spent too much time in front of the TV” and “had stopped seeing the difference between life and fiction”.

The student from Tchaikovsky town in Russia has left his home in the evening on the same day he discovered the tragic death of the older Uchiha brother.The young Russian has found a relation between himself and Itachi and considered him something like a brother. According to Russian media, the family didn’t get along and the mother and father fought a lot. There is an ongoing investigation.

The death has been known to the manga readers in Japan since 2008.

The timeline given by some media is as follows:

  • Leonid discovers the death of the bigger brother of Sasuke Uchiha.
  • He posts a message online about his plans to put an end to his life on this planet.
  • He goes to the roof of a 10 storey (30metre or 100 feet) building and jumps to a certain death.
  • His parents report him missing in October.
  • November 1, two days after the report, they find hm during a search around the town organised by them and performed with neighbours.

Father Ivan says that he “always told him [Leonid] he spent too much time watching the TV – he didn’t know what was reality and what was fiction anymore.”

I feel obliged to give my own opinion on the matter. Anime or animation are never responsible for the way humans are educated. Anime can be filling a person with love, with pleasure, with positive emotions and make them discover what love and friendship are. It can also show them that there is a better life if they feel bad. Usually, problems are what make people seek a last resort in fiction and it is this escape from reality that the authorities should look at when discussing who to blame for the suicide of the young Mr. Leonid Hmelev. Another key element is statistics. Russia has the third highest suicide rate among teenagers, losing only to Belarus and Kazakhstan. It is the situation that makes a young man believe his life s practically useless after seeing a memorable, strongly supported and romantic death on the screen or in a book. Not the art itself.

Some media have missed out to look into a reliable NATIVE source of information and lack some valuable information. Thankfully, we gods know all languages.

Source: Life News (Russian)

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9 thoughts on “Russian Teenager Suicides over Itachi Uchiha’s Death

  1. It’s been a year since this happened (I posted this comment on November 2, 2013 and the event happened on November 1, 2012). Through his relationship with his true friend and true brother Itachi, Leonid Hmelev became Leonid Uchiha. He must have been far beyond the brink of despair to keep watching Naruto and find out that Itachi had come back to life. In a way I see this as the Nauru and Nephrite love triangle from Sailor Moon all over again, except Nephrite was never resurrected and Nauru didn’t kill herself because of it (Nephrite’s death). Mister and Mrs. Hmelev should have known that their son was truly an anime character trapped in a real world person’s body. They should also thank God that he’s not suffering anymore now that he’s in anime heaven with his fallen soul brother Itachi and the fallen anime hero Nephrite *plays Amazing Grace on the bagpipes.* Rest In Peace Leonid, GOD, ITACHI, AND NEPHRITE BLESS YOU!!!

  2. Deep respect to Shinigami-sama for the educated way of presenting this event. Saw this announcement in other sources as well, but never with such intelligence. Thank you.

    1. I know what you mean. There are very few media that would care to present something other but the sensation…the scandal.

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