Karneval Anime Staff and Cast Announced

The upcoming anime adaption of the original manga Karneval by Touya Mikanagi will be attracting the attention of fantasy and maybe even science fiction fans all over the otaku universe. The full cast list, some character profiles and new art have been released through the official website.

Karneval follows a young boy who is in search for an important person. All he has from this person, however, is a single bracelet. Nai (Hiro Shimono), as the boy’s name is, meets with an oddball – the small-scale thief named Gareki (Hiroshi Kamiya) at a mansion, to which he was led by the clues he follows. While the two men have nothing in common but this meeting, they become one of the world’s most wanted couples ever. This strange development leads them even to an weirder stage – they are introduced to the very secretive, but extremely powerful organsation entitled “Circus”.

We are expecting Karneval to air in the Spring of 2013.

Other characters, whose profiles you can see from the linked source below, are:

Researcher Akari (Daisuke Hirakawa), Captain Tsukitachi (Koji Yusa), ship Fighter Jiki (Yuuichi Nakamura), Captan Hirato (Daisuke Ono), Fighter Tsukumo (Aya Endo), Fighter Yogi (Mamoru Miyano)

Eiji Suganuma is directing with studio Manglobe in charge of the animation production. Touko Machida will be writing the script. Chief of animation and character designer for the animated project is Toshie Kawamura.

Source: Official Website

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