EuroCosplay 2012 Competition Part I: The Competitors

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I am aware that most of the anime, manga and game fans are excited about something else when it comes to the otaku world – cosplay! Yes, I am talking about all the people that dress up and play their favourite characters from different anime, manga and games. The biggest such competition EuroCosplay is almost at our threshold, keeping the flames of love for this acting event burning. I will be presenting you most of the events that have elected a representative for this year’s event.

See below for part one of my competition review!

Unfortunately, many organizers didn’t answer my messages about giving me information on the cosplayers that will participate in the event. Fortunately, I have plenty of nice people who wanted to make a good name for themselves and their event and gave me all the information. I am quite displeased that some denied my request; some gave me too much information. To the first one – read below. You’ll see yourself. To the second ones – I would have loved to put all the great details in the article, but it would have been unfair to the others, who gave me less details. L At the end of the day, this is my first attempt at making this kind of an article and I really hope it comes out well. Wish me luck and tell me what you think in the comment below!



Aniplay (5 May) is the first Bulgarian all-cosplay event. It is held at a theatre stage in the capital and there are several different plays. Mainly centred on the group plays and scripts, the event chooses a single participant for the competition in London. Coming from the Witcher game group, the first Eurocosplay representative for Bulgaria is Miss Nessi Sokleva as the famous Triss Merigold. Still inhigh school, this is her first big win in cosplay, but her gaming costume is surely something to enjoy. At EuroCosplay she will be going as a different character, but information hasn’t been given.  (information by AN Jordan and Nakama)

Aniventure (1-2 September) is the biggest and oldest officially organised cosplay and anime/manga event in Bulgaria. Its 6th edition was held during the last month before the big cosplay competition in London. Starting as a small gathering in a mountain cottage in 2006, the event has managed to grow so much that people from all over the country and abroad visited the 2012 edition. With 3 special gusts (including Romania’s EC competitor Shinju), the cosplay religion is getting more and more followers in this Eastern European country. The second Bulgarian competitor for the big event is Mr. Kiril Popchev. He won the place with his Pyramid Head (Silent Hill) costume. (information by AN Jordan and Nakama).







AnimeFest (4-5 May) is the oldest anime event in Czech Republic (with its 9th year in 2012) and cosplay has been a main part of the idea since the very beginning. Due to the increased interest by the otaku in the Czech Republic, the event was moved this year to the bigger Brno Exhibition Centre and barely managed to accommodate the over 2000 visitors.  Guests in the 9th edition were famous translator Jonathan Clements and cosplay idol Nadia Baiardi.  Out of the 40 contestants and 14 that were chosen to take part in the EC race, there was one cosplayer that stood out. Her name is Serraphina and her costume of Augusta Vradica from Trinity Blood is definitely something that catches the eye! (information by Adam)





Desucon  (8-10 June) was Finland’s only event to take part in the European Cosplay competition this year. 2012 was the third time EuroCospplay preliminaries were held in the country and at that even. After Maiju Härkönen’ great depiction of Balthier from Final Fantasy XII in 2012 and 2011’s Aki Rauhala and his cosplay of Male Scout from Granado Espada, in 2012 Desucon came up with Maria Parvinen and her character – Macross Frontier’s Sayonara no Tsubasa’s Sheryl Nome. For Lodon, the cosplayer is planning to strike a pose with the title character from the Bayonetta games. (information by Heidi Peivinen, organizer)





MondoCon (14-15 April) is the largest Hungarian fan event focusing on anime, Asian visual culture, music, alternative fashion and creative hobbies. It takes place on the Hungexpo Fair Centre grounds every Spring and Autumn for two days with an approximate audience of 6000 fans. Mondo is a leading Hungarian magazine on Japanese pop culture. It is printed in 9000 copies. There are more than one cosplay competitions and events as well as an opportunity to present your best costume to such a great number of people, even if you’re not a participant. This year’s edition chose Miss Nora Badacsonyi (Aoime) and her cosplay as Kobato from CLAMP. As a cosplayer that has been doing this for more than 4 years, she knows what she’s doing and is definitely one of the most obvious main competitors in London’s race. Her costume includes props and a handcrafted kimono. (information by Balazs Levai)





Napoli Comicon  (28 April – 01 May)  came up with the incredible cosplay of the Headless Horseman from Sleepy Hollow, cosplayed by Manuel D’Andrea. The event has great success in 2012 and there will hopefully be a new one in 2013 when the fourth EuroCosplay Competition will be held once more.  (information by Noemi Barricelli)


Eirtakon (11-13 Novermber 2011) is one of the biggest conventions in the UK and definitely the biggest in Ireland. Usually, more than 1500 people visit the event, which celebrated its 7th birthday in 2012. The porganizers of Eirtakon are looking forward to every next event with plans for fun, fun and even more fun with great cosplay ideas such as a cosplay blind date event and the Eirtakon variant of Family Fortunes. The representative in 2012 is Jessica Freeney who cosplayed as Sakura-hime from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.  (information by Amy and Fiona)




Animecon – I am very sorry, but as one “anonymous person with unknown website, origin and name” I have been denied information and image from Mr. Niels Viveen and, apologising to the cosplayer, cannot represent the winner of their competition here. Obviously for them I am just something without “name and proven writing and publishing skills”. Sorry about the cosplayer again, though.



Love 3 (11-12 February) is a combined cosplay event with different competitions in each day. It is held in the city of Wrocław.  As a EuroCosplay representative for the first Polish convention was elected Miss Katarzyna ‘Kairi’ Siedlecka with her cosplay of Saber Lily (gift figure version) from Fate/Unlimited Codes. This will be her second time in the EuroCosplay finals after receiving a second place in the 2010 event.

Here you can see a cool video from the event. © Altbay TV

Magnificon X  (19-20 May) is the second and final qualifier from Poland. It gathers otaku and cosplay fanatics from all over the region in the famous city of Krakow. Considered the biggest convention in the country, it is not only about cosplay but Japanese culture and heritage as a whole. China, Korea and other Asian countries are represented. Accordingly, the second finalist from the country is Joanna ‘Lola Sete-Partis’ Lange. She cosplayed Carue from One Piece (the duck) – it is a representative of a different culture, mind you. Alabasta is not the usual One Piece place. Also, this will be her first time participating internationally, so let’s wish her luck! (information for both events provided by Anna Oleksy)





Nijikon (22-23 October 2011) is one of the Romanian events that have chosen a representative for EuroCosplay 2012. The first edition was held at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, atop the Palace of Parliament, had about 1500 visitors and only a couple of people were daring enough to cosplay. The very first Romanian cosplay contest was held at Nijikon 2008 where the audience was well over 200 people. On the 5th edition of the event, in 2011, Shinju (Livia Viziteu) was chosen to represent the country in the European cosplay competiton. She won the 2011 Nijikon competiton with her amazing costume of Athena from Saint Seiya. For the big competition, she will be doing a new costume. (information by Comsa Dan-Valentin)


(this participant was added after an edit)




EuroCosplay’s Winner will be decided on Saturday, October 27 in London during the MCM Expo. Who are you supporting?

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