Anime Ro Kyu Bu! SS Announced

The second season of the TV anime adaptation of Sagu Aoyama’s Ro Kyo Bu! light novel series has been announced officially by the author. It will bear the title “Ro Kyu Bu! SS”.

Although this was already mentioned at the Dengeki 20th Birthday event, we were still to hear (or read) something more on the subject. Seems like Aoyama has finally decided to personally tell all the fans, writing the news on her Twitter. While the news is great,  have to note that a BD box is coming in 2013 with all the episodes from season 1.

The additional letters at the end of the title, although obviously standing for ‘Second Season’,  is also short for Shougakusei wa Saikou daze!! (or Primary School Girls are Awesme!!).

Source: Twit

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