Hyoubu – the Centre of the New Zettai Karen Children Anime

The latest issue of the weekly Shounen Sunday magazine (published by Shokakukan) revealed that the upcoming anime adaptation of Takashi Shiina’s Zettai Karen Children manga will be a spinoff story about the character Kyousuke Hyoubu. As in previous occasions, seiyuu Koji Yusa is again going to play Hyoubu. See below for more staff details!

Directing will be Armored Trooper Votoms Case;Irvine’s Shishou Igarashi with animation studio Manglobe. Screenwriting is in the hands of Sket Dance’s Shinichi Inotsume. Character designer and chief animation director will be Romeo x Juliet’s Jun Takagi while Code Geass and Ghost in the Shell: SAC’s Kenji Teraoka will design the mechanics. Yukio Nagasaki will take care of the music.

The production is promising a fun time for all the lovers of action-filled anime as the main character Hyoubu strives to erase from the face of the earth everyone who is not like him. Together with some of the most powerful ESP users out there, he is trying to clear the planet off the ‘normals’. Will he succeed? We will have to wait and see.

There is also a new website that will open once the project is officially announced through more media.

Source: weekly Shounen Sunday

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