Haganai’s Yomi Hirasaka Moves to Tokyo

Yomi Hirasaka, the original creator of Haganai ( Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT), has announced that he will be coming to the capital city of Japan Toyko because of the ongoing work on the second season of the anime adaptation of his story.

The move was needed so that he would be able to work full time on the second season of the show. His job includes overseeing the entire production process, but also working on the scripts.  Even more, until the announced release (not exact, though) there are barely two months left for the staff to finish the project. Naturally, season 1’s screenwriter Tatsuhiko Urahata is also participating by working together with the novelist.

The novel’s plot centres on Hasegawa Kodaka and his endeavors as a new transfer student in the catholic school of St. Chronica. He is not very used to people as they tend to consider him an enemy from first glance, so he spends the days alone. That s, however, until he meets with the socially awkward Yozora Mikazuki and her imaginary friend Tomo. The two click at once. They also found a special social club meant for loners and not only, where people (especially those two) can meet new friends and learn how to communicate better.


Source: Official Message

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