Funimation Releases Toriko’s English Cast (Video)

Ian Sinclair (Baccano!”s Dallas Genoard) to voice the main character while Brian Mathis (One Piece’s Monkey D. Garp) will provide the voice for Mansom. The Funimation cast is as lively as ever with actors from shows such as Is This a Zombie?, Shangri-La, Hetalia, Baka and Test, Fairy Tail and Sengoku Basara. See below also a video preview!

The first DVD set is expected to come out on January 8, 2013. It will be a dual-audio DVD.

Here is the cast as released by Funimation (alphabetically):

CEDRE David Trosko
COCO Jarrod Greene
CRUPPO Heather Walker
GIDO Anthony Bowling
JOE JOE Brad Venable
JOHANNES Robert McCollum
KOMATSU Josh Grelle
MANSOM Brian Mathis
MATCH Jason Douglas
MOKKOI Douglass Burks
NARRATOR Chris Guerrero
RIN Leah Clark
SETSUNO Juli Erickson
STARJUN Scott Freeman
SUNNY Aaron Roberts
TINA Morgan Garrett
TORIKO Ian Sinclair
UUMEN Christopher R. Sabat
ZONGEH Bryan Massey

Director – Tyler Walker
ADR Engineer – Kyle Phillips

Source: Funimation Ent

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