Eiichiro Oda’s Personal Letter to Avril Lavigne

Eiihciro Oda, the original creator of One Piece has contacted the popular overseas performer Avril Lavigne to thank her for accepting to sing one of the two theme songs fr the upcoming One Piece: Z movie. This is the 10th instalment in the franchise and is personally overseen by the mangaka.

Lavigne will perform both songs for the movie. One of them will be a cover of the song “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett. She has already made such a song, but a new recording will be made especially for the new anime movie. The second title will be “How You Remind Me”. Yes, this is the Nckelback song, but since she’s engaged to Mr. Kroeger, there will probably be no issues with licenses and how-to-s.

Z will open in Japanese theatres on December 15, 2012 and we will see the Shrawhat pirates meet their strongest adversary by now – personally created by Oda-san.

The entire “personal letter” stuff from the title is because the mangaka had really written a thank-you note for the musician and had told her, in the same letter, how he appreciated her work on the covers.

Images: (c) Eiichiro Oda taken from Wikipedia

Source: Mantan Web

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