Kuroko no Basuke’s Fujimaki Sent Life Treatening Mail

Threatening letters with unknown powder and liquid substances have been received by the high school, college and publisher of the creator of Kuroko no Basuke’s Tadatoshi Fujimaki. The letters have been handed to the authorities together with all information known.

Toyama High Shool in Shibuya, Tokyo received an odd mail on Tuesday with a strange powdered substance. The previous week, on Friday, Sophia University also received one such letter with an unknown liquid similar to hydrogen-sulphide. In addition, a publisher of the author, with an address in Tokyo’s Suginami ward, received a barium powder in a letter.

“If you do not stop the parody manga, you will get hydrogen sulfide.” was what one of the messages said. Others were sending similar threats.

A video on the subject can be seen (in Japanese) on FNN’s website.

Will this make Fujimaki stop his Kuroko no Basuke paroday and what could the reason behind this be?

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