Vassalord Manga Volume 7 to Come with an OVA!

うれしはずかしあにめかですって。It is officially announced – Nanae Chrono (Peace Maker, Peacemaker Kurogane) will be having another anime adaptation of her works. This time, unlike her very famous PeaceMaker TV series, it would just be an original anime, included in the last volume of the manga, but hey – it’s still an anime! Vassalord Volume 7 is coming out on March 15, 2013.

“Kakurinomiya no Heliogabalus” (chapter 1) of the manga, which will be the one adapted into the video bundled with the limited edition of the final volume, is both bloody and oily (after all one of the main characters – Charlie is a cyborg vampire). It shows the moment that sets start to the homoerotic relationship between vampire heartthrob Johnny Rayflo and the Vatican employee.

The OVA: Drector: Kazuto Nakazawa (Parasite Dolls, Blood+ OP2)
Character Design: Nariyuki Takahashi (Prince of Tennis OVA Another Story II – Ano Toki no Bokura)
Animation studio: Production I.G

In this Animate-only release, there will also be a special illustration collection with new artwork designs and a 32-page original booklet, including an exclusive eight-page manga

Source: Official Nanae Chrono Blog & Anmate

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