Sket Dance OAV to Come with Volume 29 or 30 of the Manga

Sket Dance Anime A Spring volume of the Sket Dance manga, published originally in Shueisha’s Shounen Jumo magazine, will be bundled with a special OVA of the show, whose TV series ended just a few days ago. The news was announced during Monday’s “Sket Dance Premium Event: Kaimei High School Festival After-Party”.

The volume will be either 29th or 30th of the series.

Sket Dance is a popular shounen series that centres on the so-called “Sket Brigade” a.k.a. Hime Onizuka, Yusuke Fujisaki and Kazuyoshi Usui. The three members of the Kaimei High School’s Living Assistance Club, funded by themselves, are there to help any student that needs their help. Though most of the days are uneventful or the needs of their classmates are rather flat and easy to fulfill, the trio is giving its all to help and do good.

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