Psycho-Pass Director Katsuyuki and Writer Urobuchi Slam Moe in a New Interview

Psycho-Pass PosterThe noted director Motohiro Katsuyuki (Space travellers and many live-action movies) and the renowned storyteller Urobuchi Gen (Fate/Zero) have slammed the current tendency in anime to put moe characters in every new release and have promised that no such things will be present in their newest project – Psycho-pass. The anime’s pilot episode is airing today in Japan.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

“Because, I’m going to go to “counter” the current trend in anime. Thus, this anime will either be a huge success or an absolute failure. “

“A huge producer would always note something like ‘to me it looks like there is room for another female and maybe some of those elements’, but the will of the creator should be respected and so… they would fight daily on the topic.”

“You will not see even one girl whose half of the face is her eyes or is all glittery and stuff.”

Promised in this anime: out-of-this-world futurism in weapons and scenery, a trauma for life, cruel physical and mental games and harm.

The full interview (though in Japanese) can be read directly at the website of the media .

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7 thoughts on “Psycho-Pass Director Katsuyuki and Writer Urobuchi Slam Moe in a New Interview

  1. Unfortunately, this anime’s female lead makes most moe look like superhero geniuses… Judging from episode 1, this will be another shoujo drama with a powerless woman as a lead. Pity.

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