Bakuman Season 3 Preview Released (Video)

bakuman season 3The upcoming third season of Bakuman has been announced quite some time ago. It is no wonder the promotion for the pilot episode is starting as soon as possible so that the anime won’t steal the show from the other projects of studio J.C. Staff. It is here now with the video preview of the upcoming sequel’s episode 1. The most popular series about real-life mangaka is just around the corner!

You can see the good old character by duo Obata and Ohba as well as something quite new. The video is entitled “Iji to Ketsudan” (Willpower and Decison).

In the third series, we will follow the development of he PCP manga by the main characters and its way to the tops of the readers popularity polls. We are used to following the charming voice actress and our illustrator and writer trio and nothing will change, just the scale of the fun, emotions and striving towards success.

The video can be seen also on the official NHK website’s Bakuman feature through THIS LINK. One of the coolest additions to the official site of the anime is that fans and desperate otaku can send fanart, fanfiction and letters digitally to the team (or characters) through the new mail option.

Source: Linked NHK Website

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