Yamato 2199 Movie No. 3’s First 10 mins Streamed

yamao 2199 imageGood guys that participate in Yamato 2199‘s production committee have released the first ten minutes of the third installment of the movies based on the original story from decades ago. The video is officially available though the anime’s Hikari TV website and Bandai Channel.

Bandai channel link is not available for all countries, while the official website is providing everyone (as long as I know) with the preview minutes. The videos will stop streaming on October 12, so do keep this in mind when procrastinating to play either one of them. Otherwise – Enjoy!

The story of the third movie is a recap of episodes 7-10 of the series. The new TV anime adaptation is expected in 2013. Yamato 2199 Part III is being released in Japanese cinemas on October 13, 2012.

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