Morita’s Aventurier – Shinsetsu Arsène Lupin Manga Ends

Aventurier - Shinsetsu Arsène Lupin
(c) Kodansha, Takashi Morita

Takashi Morita’s Aventurier – Shinsetsu Arsène Lupin will be ending this year without really finding a real ending plot-wise. This was announced by the creator Morita himself though his official Twitter account. I cannot comment on what the reason might be, but it seems like a big misunderstanding.

Takashi Morita is the creator of titles such as Mobile Suit Gundam Climax U.C., Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Gaiden and more. It is quite hard to believe that Kodansha has chosen to stop the publication of Morita’s current project that has been released through the Evening magazine since last year. Supposedly, sales aren’t as great as the company initially though they would be.

However, the original posts say:

“Yeah. I will have to tweet about this… soon. Sorry, everyone, but I have a sad announcement to make. The publication of the Aventurier series in Evening will be ending once a full year cycle has been completed. It’s a real shame.”

The manga adapts the original Maurice LeBlanc stories about the gentleman thief and crime solver (I will let you read in order to see for yourself what I mean) Arsène Lupin. He is able, agile and very intelligent and can defeat every cop or criminal adversary there is.

Source: Official Twitter

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