Sket Dance Anime Is Officially Over

sket dance episode 6Sket Dance anime TV series is officially over. At least for now. The author of the original story and art, Kenta Shinohara has announced this in the latest chapter of the manga. He has also thanked the staff for the great time and all that they have done by far.

Sket Dance (the anime) has been running from April 1, 2011 and is going to be over on Septermber 27, 2012. As we knew, Gintama‘s new reruns/new episode will be taking the same time slot in the TV schedule starting
October 04, 2012.

sket dance

It will be a sad goodbye for the fans, but don’t be hasty in being depressed, people! The manga is still on with all the great ideas and funny scenes coming directly form the head of mangaka Kenta Shinokawa! You can still find it either as volumes or in the issues of Weekly Shounen Jump magazine.

Source: Manga News Japon

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