Level E’s English Dub Cast Revealed with Trailer (Video)

baka ouji level eThe English voice actors in the upcoming DVD and BD release of Level E in North America have been revealed by Funimation Entertainment. The BD/DVD combo pack will be available on December 4, 2012 and will come with a bang – Vic Mignogna is taking the lead role of Baka Ouji while Lindsay Seidel will play Miho Edogawa. See below for details.

Video is not available in all regions. Sorry about it.

· Prince Baka – Vic Mignogna
· Yukitaka Tsutsui – Micah Solusod
· Miho Edogawa – Lindsay Seidel
· Kraft – Jason Douglas
· Sado – Jarrod Greene
· Colin – Ian Sinclair
· Akagawa (Red Ranger) – Leah Clark
· Yokota (Yellow Ranger) – Cris George
· Momochi (White Ranger) – Caitlin Glass
· Shimizu (Blue Ranger) – Terri Doty
· Mayuzumi (Black Ranger) – Apphia Yu
· Luna – Colleen Clinkenbeard
· Yumeno – Chuck Huber
· Tachibana – Lydia Mackay
· Narrator – Bruce Carey

Shinigami List Description: Baka Ouji (no, it doesn’t mean a Stupid Prince, ‘Baka’ is his name! although the pun is surely intended) is the current Prince, probable future King of a great race. With an unimaginable intellect, even for his advanced race, Baka Ouji is surely going to have some fun on the Planet Earth where he lands in an attempt to once again escape responsibilities. Even though he has his trusted guards, head of which is Kraft, there is hardly any way for the Prince to miss out on all the possible pranks, jokes and menaces he can create. However, will all other races on the Earth leave him have things his way?

Source: Funimation

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    1. Well…I agree on this one. I just think there aren’t a lot of US actors that do voice-overs and that'[s why they always use the same people.

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