Code:Breaker Anime with Three New PVs

コード:ブレイカー CODE:BREAKERThree new promotional videos have been streamed online on the official website of the Code:Breaker anime series. Unfortunately, where I am from, I cannot see them and embed them, but you can try to view the video from the source link below.

PV: 03 “Sakura” (1:37mins) centres on Sakura Sakurakouji and her relationship with the protagonist of the show, her past and present and her dreadful memories.

PV: 04 “Aku ni wa Ikari no Sousoukyoku o” (1:30mins) is about the Code:03 character Yuuki Tenpouin.

PV:ex “Sonzai Shinai Mono”(The Ones Who Don’t Exist)  (1:31mins) tells us about the six most important team – Code Breakers (especially Code:06 Rei Ougami) and their Eden controllers. Code:04 Toki is also included.

Grandrodo’s “Dark Shame” theme song can be heard.

Expect a full preview of the show soon.

Source: Official Website

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

7 thoughts on “Code:Breaker Anime with Three New PVs

  1. The first episode was good, even though bishounen-overloaded. Hopefully it won’t centre on the love relationship, but rather on the battles and power :)

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