Denpa Kyoushi Manga to be Animated

denpa kyoushi he is ultimate teacherThe Denpa Kyoushi – He Is the Ultimate Teacher manga by Takeshi Azuma will be getting its very own anime commercial adaptation. This is a story about a true otaku and his job as a high-school teacher. Announcement came in the latest issue of the magazine it’s been published in – Weekly Shounen Sunday.

According to the announcement, seiyuu and other details for the upcoming ad will be released in the Weekly Shounen Sunday’s 44th issue. The project is taken by A-1 Pictures.

The story of Dnpa Kyoushi – He Is the Ultimate Teacher is about Junichirou Kagami and his otaku-ness. He is as otaku as they come and not in the good sense – his life is all about manga, anime and games and has no room for real dating, work or further education. While he was a child prodigy at 17 with published materials in the local Nature and Science magazine, after graduating he chose the life of a… no-lifer. When things got too sad according to everyone around him, his faithful sister Suzune gets him a job at her own school – the Ichou Academy.

Source: Manga News Japon

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