Aya Ueto and EXILE’s Hiro – Just Married!

aya uetoHiro – the leader of the popular Japanese band EXILE (ost of Black Jack) has just married his longtime girlfriend Aya Ueto. She is a popular voice actress with roles in Astro Boy (a the title character) and more. The couple has (supposedly) said its vows on the same date that the actress celebrated her birthday!

The happy day will now have two reasons for celebrating, but I suppose the poor wife will get only one present for both anniversaries. Oh well, she agreed to it!

As the announcement was made, a true ceremony has not been held yet and there seem to be no certain plans for such an event. Moreover, this is all the publicity the couple wants so, even if there is a huge ceremony, not a lot of media coverage will be present.

Source: Nippon Sports

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